Don't Hesitate In Contacting An Attorney About Personal Injury Cases Or Bankruptcy

Accidents that result in serious injuries can cause a financial burden on a victim. When automobile accidents occur, it can leave a victim with broken bones, brain damage, permanent scarring, the loss of a limb and so much more. A personal injury attorney can assess a claim and inform the victim if the case is worth pursuing with legal action. Personal injury attorneys don’t require a fee be paid to them unless they receive a settlement on behalf of the victim. Sometimes additional fees for a doctor’s charge to review medical records or being interviewed might have to be paid by a victim.

Another type of personal injury that requires an attorney’s guidance is a slip and fall. Although this type of accident sounds minor, it can cause severe injuries to a victim. Slippery sidewalks or floors, loose railings, and many other negligent situations can cause this type of accident. Proving a personal injury case requires many complicated legal procedures and requires all of the necessary paperwork be provided to an insurance company. When an accident is very serious and involves numerous parties, an investigative team will skillfully examine all of the technical aspects of the case. Not every personal injury case goes to trial. In fact, many cases are settled well before a lawsuit is ever filed in court.


Serious accidents can lead to the untimely and wrongful death of a victim. In this type of situation, a parent, child, spouse or personal representative of the estate can file a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased loved one. These types of cases are similar to a personal injury claim except any money that is received will be distributed to the estate per the victim’s final wishes. Payment of medical bills, loss of wages, property damage and so much more can be obtained with the help of an experienced lawyer in these types of cases.

Whether an accident, illness, injury, loss of a job or other situation resulted in an individual being unable to pay their bills, chapter 7 bankruptcy is worth investigating. This type of bankruptcy is a liquidation of any assets that are not exempt from the filing. In some cases, an individual will be able to keep their home or their car. It is an ideal legal tool to use when an individual has a limited income and a large amount of unsecured debt. Bankruptcy can give an individual a fresh start to enjoy the financial freedom they’ve always wanted.

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